Monday is a State of Mind

The future of work

The way we work is changing. The office is rapidly becoming a gathering point and we all want to be able to connect and work anywhere, anytime. At Monday, we aim to lead this transformation by defining new office formulas, new job descriptions and new meeting points for workers.


We want to grow with you. We truly adapt to the needs of our members and join them on their journey. Do not expect us to treat you as a customer, we’re in this together!

Detail oriented

We take great care in every small detail to make you feel at home and welcomed. Do not expect us to treat you as a customer, we’re in this together!

No bullshit

We like to be straightforward, with no turn arounds or hidden obstacles. We aim to be transparent with everyone around us.

Forward thinking

We are always trying to anticipate what will come next. We are comfortable aiming high and finding the way to get there.

The comfort zone

We create spaces to make you feel at home. Make yourself comfortable and focus on doing what you really love. We will make sure nothing stops you from being your best self. The world is full of gurus that will push you to leave your comfort zone. The truth is, they haven’t been to Monday.

Want to join the team?​

Monday person? If you want to be part of a project that aims to transform the way we work, don’t think twice: Apply for the position that suits you best or just send us your CV.