Gran Vía 4
28013, Madrid

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    1. Location

    Gran Vía in Madrid, the business hub at the heart of the city, with offices, services, and everything you need for your company’s growth in a dynamic and cosmopolitan environment.

    2. Conference Room

    Modern and functional conference room. Equipped with the latest technology and an inspiring ambiance, it’s the perfect setting for conferences, talks, and corporate events.

    3. Gym and Terrace

    You’ll find all the necessary equipment to stay active, along with a spacious terrace to relax and recharge. We have everything you need to take care of yourself all in one place!

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    Ours Membership

    Hot Desk

    For those who enjoy being in more than one place at a time. Proper desks, ergonomic chairs, and natural light in a common space. You have to take everything with you when you leave, but you can leave it in a locker.


    Flexible desk in shared lounge

    • 24/7 Access, Access to any Monday, Canteen, Gymnasium, Daily Training


    Per month per person (VAT not included)

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    Fixed Desk

    For freelancers, entrepreneurs or established companies who need to work in a dedicated space. Yes, you can leave personal objects in your drawers.


    Private desk in a shared space

    • Storage
    • 24/7 Access, Access to any Monday, Canteen, Gymnasium, Daily Training


    Per month per person (VAT not included)

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    Private Office

    The perfect solution for those who need more privacy and like to be on their own. We have from individual offices to entire plants for big companies.


    Private desk in a private office

    • Storage
    • Electronic locker
    • Configurable space
    • 24/7 Access, Access to any Monday, Canteen, Gymnasium, Daily Training

    449€ *Promotional fee

    Per month per person (VAT not included)

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    Gran Vía 4
    28013, Madrid
    +34 910 05 94 50

    How to get there


    Metro Plaza España (3)
    Santo Domingo (2)
    Callao (3, 5)


    C1, 3, 147, 001, 74

    Home to businesses

    We believe that when people are excited to come to work, businesses thrive. We strive to create spaces that allow people to feel focused and comfortable.

    A place to sit down and to get things done among the comforts of home, minus the distractions. Stop doing office duties, we take care of everything, from printers to bulb replacement.

    Community and events

    Get involved in everything: from fitness classes to outdoor cinema and digital workshops. And don’t miss out our monthly speaker events: from fashion talks to founder’s clubs. Attend as many events as you like.


    Always welcome. You’ll get access to all Monday locations. Enjoy the advantages of coworking with this exceptional 24/7 work experience.

    Your agenda of speakers, afterworks and sport events. Enjoy them with friends or get to know interesting people.

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    Changing rooms and showers



    Professional printer

    Meeting rooms

    Lounges and nooks

    Phone booths

    Gaming area

    Virtual office

    Receipt of mail