Riera de Sant Miquel, 1 BIS 08006 Barcelona

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    1. Terrace

    Barcelona’s best-kept secret, an incredible terrace to work, relax, play ping-pong and eat, surrounded by plants and sunlight.

    2. Gym

    A complete range of equipment, daily workouts, and personal trainers, so that you can reach your goals. so that you can reach your goals.

    3. Cafeteria

    Homemade breakfasts, daily menu and catering. All-day eating and drinking at Monday!


    Hot desk

    199 €

    per month (excluding VAT)

    For those who want to be in more than one place at the same time. You will enjoy a shared and spacious space. But don’t forget to collect all your things before returning home 🙂

    Fixed desk

    349 €

    per month (excluding VAT)

    Freelances or small companies who need to work in a dynamic space and accompanied with other people. We will keep your belongings while you are gone.

    Private Office

    449 €

    per month (excluding VAT)

    The solution for those who need more privacy and like to be on their own. We have from individual offices to entire plants for big companies.


    Riera de Sant Miquel, 1 BIS 08006 Barcelona

    +34 93 176 76 11

    How to get there




    6, 33, 34, H8, V17

    L3, L5

    Home to businesses

    We believe that when people are excited to come to work, businesses thrive. We strive to create spaces that allow people to feel focused and comfortable.

    A place to sit down and to get things done among the comforts of home, minus the distractions. Stop doing office duties, we take care of everything, from printers to bulb replacement.

    Community and events

    Get involved in everything: from fitness classes to outdoor cinema and digital workshops. And don’t miss out our monthly speaker events: from fashion talks to founder’s clubs. Attend as many events as you like.


    Always welcome. You’ll get access to all Monday locations. Enjoy the advantages of coworking with this exceptional 24/7 work experience.

    Trazado 126


    Trazado 188


    Trazado 189

    Changing rooms and showers

    Trazado 190


    Trazado 191


    Trazado 192

    Professional printer

    Trazado 193

    Meeting rooms

    Trazado 195

    Lounges y nooks

    Trazado 197

    Parking available

    Trazado 196

    Lounges y nooks

    Trazado 194

    Phone booths



    Your agenda of speakers, afterworks and sport events. Enjoy them with friends or get to know interesting people.