We interviewed Jesus Bosch, General Manager of Product Madness (Spain)

Product Madness has undoubtedly been a very special team for Monday. We jointly inaugurated the Monday Pau Claris space, and their growth here has been incredible. The entire Monday team is thrilled to have contributed to your success. Thank you, Jesus, for choosing us!

What aspect of Monday would you highlight as the most valuable for Product Madness during the time you’ve been using it?

A combination of flexibility, location, and great facilities.

Flexibility it’s a big thing for us. Product Madness has been growing dramatically in Barcelona for the last two years. We went literally from zero to 125 people in about 24 months, and you always want to have the right size of the office, not too big, not too small to make sure everyone feels comfortable. At Monday we have the room to grow. ¿We have an event or a party? We can book a bigger space for just one day. ¿We have an offsite and more people from international locations are coming to Barcelona? We can book additional meeting rooms in the same building.

At Monday we don’t need to handle lots of things that can be a distraction that you don’t want to do when you want to be super focused on running perfect operations like setting up internet connections, cleaning, finding catering for events, lunches for the team, etc.

To what extent do you believe Monday has contributed to improving your company’s culture?

We have had so many magic moments at Monday. The beautiful modernist facilities of Monday Pau Claris with its different spaces like open terrace, or the big room with ping pong table, we used many times to have our events and celebrations -not only corporate meetings- that for as are a key part of building a community in our company. Monday many bookable facilities were perfect to allow us to have the right space for any type and style of event we wanted to create, we celebrate all sort of events like Pride, International Women’s Day, our International Food Day… Those celebrations are a core aspect of our DNA, as a company with people coming from 30 different nationalities, we love celebrating the diversity.

How has our team facilitated your adaptation and experience in the coworking space?

Claudia and the different people we interacted with have always been like partners. We never had the feeling that we were dealing with a provider. The conversations were all natural and they would always find practical solutions to any of our requests.

What would you emphasize about our spaces for large companies like Product Madness?

In our case we choose Monday because we are growing and an office of one size wouldn’t fit us during very long time, and it’s not practical to change office too often.

Monday’s coworking space in central Barcelona hit the mark for us. The gaming industry is fast-paced and collaborative, so having a space that’s not only modern and comfortable but also stimulates creativity is key. Monday provides this with well-designed work areas that encourage spontaneous idea-sharing, which is invaluable for our project development.

The terrace is a standout feature. It’s more than just an amenity – it’s a place where our team can relax, network, and find inspiration while enjoying the Barcelona skyline. This kind of environment helps keep our creative juices flowing.

For our team, the on-site catering is a practical perk. It keeps everyone fueled throughout the day and removes the distraction of finding food in the busy city. The sports facilities, like the gym and ping pong table, are more than just fun. They offer our employees a way to decompress and socialize, which in turn contributes to a positive workplace culture and team cohesion.

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